Abacus (Abacus Group NV) is the investment company of the entrepreneurial families Gaëtan Hannecart and Bruno Vande Vyvere. Abacus is a professional and committed shareholder with a long-term perspective who invests in companies with a clear strategy, solid management and a culture of entrepreneurship, high performance and integrity. Abacus is the main shareholder of Matexi (real estate development) and Sibomat (timber-framed housing) and also participates in - either directly or through its subsidiary QuaeroQ - venture capital funds and holdings (Creafund, Fortino Capital, Smile Invest,…), Proptech startups (Letsbuild, LivSpace, Hoplr, Sweepbright,…) and various publicly quoted and private companies (Zenitel, Generix Group, Ionic Materials,…).

Abacus Group NV
Kalkhoevestraat 10 bus 3.1
B-8790 Waregem